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Privacy is a very hot topic nowadays. Not many years ago the EU implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which ensures a lot more privacy and general data safety for Europeans. Since then more countries have followed with their own versions. Especially with how things have headed for the past decade or two, privacy is an important discussion. However, I often see it ending up with a sentiment of “You’re either for or against tracking”.

I’ve had my fair share of discussions about this, especially now that I work in a company which main focus is privacy, with my…

Comparing Azure Front Door & Akamai CDN

First things first… Why did we go on this journey of comparing Front Door and Akamai? Currently I’m working at Cybot, makers of Cookiebot. A banner that can be implemented on our customer’s websites to help them either stay compliant with various regulations and directives, or just as a framework for managing cookies on your website.

The Need for Speed

Because our banner is implemented on our customer’s website we need to make sure that our servers are responding as fast as possible. Add on top the functionality of blocking cookies, which can only work if our script is the very first thing that’s…


Just over a month ago I started using Azure DevOps, and initially found it to be a really good product. I started setting up new repos and pipelines, and really loved the great balance of verbosity in the YAML pipelines.

The company I work at has, rightfully so, added an approval step to their release pipelines, which have been setup manually in the UI. Of course I want everything to be defined as code, so I set out on a search of how to add this in the YAML file. Sadly I couldn’t find anything resembling an approval task.



Have you ever had to set up a new domain? Well if you’re reading this, chances are the answer is yes. In many cases you won’t need to worry about name servers, and you can go on your merry way. However if you buy your domain at, but you want to use Cloudflare as your DNS, you’ll have to change your name servers. While this is usually well documented and an easy process, very few places tell why you have to do it.

Before answering the question that brought you here, you’ll first need to understand root servers and…

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Over the past month I’ve started becoming more aware of my daily routines. Noticing how much time I spend on my phone, and how I’m always using some form of technology to distract myself from truly relaxing.

I’m a huge geek. I’ve always been the nerd sitting at his computer, for the past 5 years I’ve had a smartwatch that I’ve worn almost religiously 24/7, and I’ve spent the past year turning as many things in my home as possible, into so-called ‘smart devices’. Needless to say, I rely a lot on electricity to get through the day.

“But why..?”

With the…


About two years ago, I started working on my degree in Computer Science. Seeing as how I always had an interest in tech, and had done some programming before, I quickly landed in the more skilled end of the class. Back then I was completely arrogant, and just believed that I was way better than everyone else... Well, that came back to bite me in the behind, and I realized that I’m not actually all that clever. I’ve just been fortunate enough to have the right mindset when it comes to learning new things.

So I have spent the past…

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Just over a day ago, WSL 2 was released to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring. Half a year ago or so, I switched to MacOS because I was tired of not having a good Linux experience on Windows. Well Microsoft has heard the cries of Linux lovers, and are shipping with an actual, full fledged Linux kernel now!

Usability & Setup

Before even getting started, of course WSL 2 had to be set up. To my suprise, it was incredibly simple to do. Download my preferred distro from the Windows Store (Ubuntu in this case), enter a few commands in powershell, and…


I’m no expert on the subject, in fact I’ve only known what DevOps is for about a year. This is what lead me to having a really tough time setting this up. The goal with this article, is to both explain how to set up, but also what problems I ran into. Seeing how things update so fast in this field, I feel it’s important not only to know, how things are set up, but to understand why things work the way they do.

What Will This Article Cover?

I will do my best to split this up into sections. As the title of the…

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Keeping everything in my head. Remembering everything off the top of my head. That’s something I’ve always taken great pride in. However, about a month ago I decided to try something new, and what a ride it has been. Both my mental and physical health has gotten better. No more telling myself: ‘Remember you have to do this. Remember you have to do that’. When I sit down to watch TV, I’m focused on what I’m watching. If I feel like there’s something I’m forgetting that I need to do, I have it all written down.

What’s This Kanban Thing in the Picture?

If you have a…

Perfect score on SSL Labs


Ever tried setting up some sort of server at home? Where you have to open a new port for every service? And have to remember what port goes to which service, and what your home ip is? This is definitely something that works, and people have been doing it for the longest time.

However, wouldn’t it be nice to type, and have instant access to your media server? This is exactly what a reverse proxy will do for you, and combining it with Docker, it’s easier than ever.


Docker & Docker-Compose

You should have Docker version 17.12.0+, and Compose version 1.21.0+.



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